flea market in Matsumoto.

my friend and i had planned to participate one flea market in early may.
the night before, it was very rough wind blow, and in the morning on the day, it rained hard. but it was on and the weather turned to brilliant later that day.although we had too much worries and decided not to participate.
however we have planned and waited the next will happen, and that "next" will be tomorrow!!

we applied it on this monday, the next day it was announced where we live are now on the rainy season. and the weather forcast also said it might be rain in high percentage.we knew it but could not wait later than this,so we applied.
then later this week, the weather forcast says it will be fine hot day and we are so excited to going to participate it!!

this time, i will sell some of my old clothes and a bit of my hand crafts,such as hair accessaries, broaches and more.
i hope many people come and enjoy the sunshine with us.
i am making my bento-lunch, that will be sandwiches and i baked a cake earlier today.
i have not priced all yet and to my worse,i cannot find my marker pen to write the prices on the stickers, that is troublesome...

anyway,this is what i am doing now and please drop by and say hi to us and enjoy the market at "アルプス公園" in Matsumoto tomorrow.
it will be fun day.

ok, please pray for us and see you there!



by pokkaridow | 2016-06-10 20:48

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by pokkaridow